Monday, October 26, 2009

Mamma Mia! Monday - Daylight Savings

Actually the Daylight savings started yesterday at 3a.m. I should put that as my awareness post. However, I was away for a long weekend at Mickey's land so this is again a squeezed-in post.

Daylight saving is only good when it's Winter time. Summer daylight saving is where we loose 1 hour (moving the clock 1 hour forward), and Winter daylight saving is where we gain 1 hour (moving the clock 1 hour backward). Basically at the start of it, we get tired earlier but in the morning, it's much easier to wake up. Daylight savings are observed by some parts of the world. And they are not observing at the same time. For example, Asia Pacific like NZ and AU did their daylight savings early october, while Europe is doing it the just last Sunday (I think around the first day of autumn..hmm) and US and Canada will do the change some weeks after Europe.

Did you know that daylight savings is to help save energy. In summer daylight saving, the hour is moved forward so that the day is longer, so that people can use much of natural light (sun). How can these ppl have the time to think such way of changing the time? Moreover, how come there are people who are committed to change their clocks with the time comes. Just because they were told to do so. Is there anyone in the world who lives in a daylight saving country,and just refuse to change their clocks? hehehe Or perhaps the person just move to country that does not observer daylight saving? Funny isn't it?

Anyway, daylight saving or not, we are all should conserve energy whenever we can. Make sure that you did not leave lights on in every part of your house, and use energy-saving light bulbs. It's not only save the energy, but also your money!

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