Saturday, October 3, 2009

S-Day - Sincerity

It's Saturday, people... What have you been up to? Nice plans during this 2 days weekend?

For the first post of S-Day, I chose the word Sincerity.

Being sincere would mean different thing to different people. All because it is a simple word but yet difficult to fulfil. We like our friends to be sincere with us, say what's on their minds, do what they think the best, but usually truth hurts. Not so much to the listener or receiver, but to the speaker himself.
Admit it. It is hard to speak of your own true feeling and opinion, and usually omitting certain information is what you think the best.

To what degree of sincerity that we must exercise?
The answer is the highest level. We must embrace being sincere. By thinking you are sincere, you avoid any future omission and lies. You avoid any false hope.
OK again as I said it is not easy as the speaker to open up all the time. Sometimes, we avoid telling what's really on our mind under the pretense of "protecting" someone.

Practice to be sincere once a week if not once a day, or every minute and every second.
In every day tasks, try to be sincere to one another, to your friends, your colleagues and your love ones. Nowadays there are many ways to open up to your thoughts, to be generous, to do things at your own free will and to avoid falsification.

On a different perspective, in Islam, sincerity means "ikhlas". For everything you do is based on good intention. In Islam, boasting oneself of the deed done, automatically diminish sincerity. I think this is a simple understanding as to how you can achieve to be a sincere person. I am sure that in other religions or beliefs, the concept is the same. There is no selfishness or thinking that you will get rewards for doing good deeds.

As a doer or speaker, you have to put good intention first. There will be no intention of getting the rewards, praise or higher position in the company. If you do your task with thinking "I'm doing this to show people that I am super intelligent", then you crushed sincerity in you and what you've done. Of course, you want something out of doing good deed. But that is just your inner desire. It's not wrong to feel like that, but putting those desires away, start to do things for the good of your own and the others first. The reward is the sincerity itself.

To sum up, I like to relate to sincerity as honesty, openness, love, acceptance, embrace, gratitude, charity, care, and acknowledgement. Add some if you like as I know there are a lot of sincerity in the Universe, and we just need to align ourselves to it and continue the journey.

Let this be the starting point for us to explore sincerity.

Start being Sincere now!

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