Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fantastic Friday - Global Effect

Yay!! It's Friday!
In short, we like to use TGIF.. There is even a restaurant chain with this name. Can you believe how powerful Friday is...

From observation, I can see that everyone is in a mood to plan things for the weekend, to acknowledge that the days of doing something they like or doing nothing at all are coming.

In some cultures, Friday is a special day, culturally and religion-wise.
In muslim countries, Friday is where there is this Friday prayer. It's so special that there is a special prayer on this day! Isn't it fantastic? In Malaysia where I come from, on Friday afternoon you can see most of the population would join together, heading towards the nearest mosque. It's a sight! The Friday prayer is for men only, so what do us ladies do during this long afternoon break? hehehe.. As for myself, I would go shopping, or having a long lunch with friends. We felt like it's weekend already!

I have not deplore on other cultures or ancient times. But I think for Christians there is Good Friday, isn't it?

There is a trending topic in Twitter called #Follow Friday.. I'm not going there as yet! :D
Then on Facebook, it's a celebration when it comes to Friday. You see people are "active", plans were made, and most of people acknowledge that it's Friday. Why not everyday we say Finally it's Tuesday! That doesn't sounds right, does it?

There you go, my first attempt to acknowledge that friday is so fantastic.

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