Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wet Wednesday - Rain!


It's time of the year where there is an increase in the number of rainfalls in Europe.

Yes I am grouchy when it comes to the dark clouds that carrying the water, but I'm still grateful that it's raining. It cools down the earth and it provides source of water to some area. Think of it, the area that hardly touched by streams, or oceans or waterfalls, the cloud carries the water and showers the dry land.....

Walking back from work today, it was raining heavily with heavy lightning.
By the time I arrived home, I'm all soaking wet! And I have an umbrella.. The streets are full with water, I'm soaked till the bone!

I googled the average rainfall in Brussels. Well, October is not the maximum average rainfall. November is. Huhuhuhu.. So it will get even worse? Huhuhuhu....
In October, Brussels gets average of 71mm of rainfall. While in Nancy, average of 60mm. huhuhuhu

When I was growing up, my understanding is that getting soaked in the rain is bad, and can make you sick. I think it is because of you can catch cold or something. Anyways, I have to embrace myself for more wet days! But then, we should be thankful for the rain, like I said it is the source of water, rain washes away the dirt, cleans up the streets. So it's a good thing! :D

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