Monday, October 12, 2009

Mamma Mia! Monday - Mamma Mia indeed!

I just realized it's Monday!!! and I am 3 gifts late. Aie aie aie!!!

Sorry for not posting Fantastiche Friday, S-Day and Awareness Ahad. You see when you are surrounded by great people, you take it for granted and forgot to give.

Alright, I'll try to resume the last 3 gifts, OK.
Fantastiche Friday:
Last Friday was a chill out day for me. Of course who has the motivation to work on Friday afternoon? I rewarded myself with long lunch break alone. However I'm disappointed that the sweetened tofu is not available huhuhuhu...
In the evening, I had a treat from some friends. I discovered Glacier Zizi.. it is a well-known italian ice cream place and it's not far from my house! My husband joined us late at night. It was great.

I had an idea of an S topic. But I think I'll have a proper post of it :D

Awareness Ahad:
It was rainy and I just recovered from a flu. Thus, I buried my intention to join the Breast Cancer Walk/Run. huhuhuhu Maybe next time, I'll do my deed.

In addition to that RIP Stephen Gately from Boyzone. He was dead in his sleep at Majorca. He was 33 years old (my age!) hhuhuhu..
Grim Ripper is planning a big party this year with all those celibrity losses until now. huhuhuhu

There you go my friend.. Mamma miiaaaa!!

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