Friday, October 16, 2009

Fantastic Friday - Bookwormy

Fridays are just so fantastic. LOL. There is nothing that can describe the day that ends the working week.Don't tell me there is anyone in the working world who does not looking forward for Friday, or have a motivation peaked on this day. OK maybe I am generalizing.

I have been working my ass off on some Fridays. Mostly for some overdues deadlines. Usually if you are overloaded on Friday, that means it is possible you will be working on at least Saturday morning.huhuhuhu

Anyway, we are talking about fantastic friday!

During lunch time I went to the Waterstone's English bookstore. I think this is as close as any bookstore in English speaking country as it is in a French/Flemish speaking country. Waterstone's is a UK-based bookstore. I'm so pysched when I googled and saw this bookstore on the web. In addition, it is in the city centre, where I can reach easily using my usual bus route.

I was thinking to get the new Dan Brown's book 'The Lost Symbol'. So I went there with a mission! (I could spend hours and hours in any bookstore LOL) I had lunch first. Body fuel is important and also because I know that I would spend hours in t he bookstore, then it won't left me much time to get lunch. As I arrived at Waterstone's, I'm happy :D The display, the buy 2 get 1 free offer makes me realized I am indeed in an English bookstore.

Unfortunately, they have no Dan Brown's latest on paperback yet. I said no worries. I continue browsing some books, well.. browsing thru the whole store, to be exact! The bookstore is not so big. I've seen bigger of course. But I would say it's enough to satisfy my cravings for English books. There are areas which I would go first, and it is in this order:
1. New arrival/Best sellers
2. Romance
3. Mind, Body, Spirits

I get my Fiction fix at the best sellers shelves and also those buy 2 get 1 free tables.

I saw some interesting books and materials at the Mind, Body, Spirits section. Among them are the book called The Secret History of the World, The Secret Daily Teaching and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I would ponder more on them when I have more time.

So what did I buy and read today? A book entitled Then Comes Seduction *^^*

What more can I ask for a fantastic Friday? I went to bookstore, I got myself a book and I'm going home to my love (after 5 hours on the train).

what did you read lately? and what is your favorite bookstore and why?

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