Thursday, October 22, 2009

Karaoke Khamis - Can't get enough of JM

Who's JM? Which JM? Jason Mraz or James Morrison? hahaha
Actually they are related somehow. I knew of James Morrison's concert via Jason Mraz facebook. I like James's voice, it's kinda unique, and he is cute looking too LOL... I had the pleasure to go to James's concert at Ancienne Belgique last Monday. Of course this week's karaoke could be James's song.

I am having a problem to choose which song for this post. The more I youtubed, the more video that I discover. And I like him singing live. Anyway, a girl has to pick..

Here are the 2 famous songs which I think would fit the purpose of sharing with you.
Let's sing it!!!

The first top song that makes ma discover James:

Then a nice collaboration with Nelly Furtado:

And I love this Live Acoustic:

I'm off for a long weekend! Enjoy this gift :D

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