Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tips Thursday

Recently I've read this article on the Internet about tricks to avoid stress.
The link is here.

I would like to break it down based on my experience.

1. Enjoy the little moment
Do not wait for a big moment or grand gesture arrives in your life. Start to enjoy the simple thing that you posses NOW. Just by thinking that you are able to breathe and walk and even read, is something worth to enjoy and cherish. If it's raining, touch the raindrop and, smell the smell of the rain. Don't wait. Enjoy now.

2. Hang with Upbeat people
Be extra careful on people who can bring your mood down. In this part, you need to be selfish. Say no to people who you think always bring you to the edge or nervous breakdown. Be the nice guy but not a doormat. On the other hand, there are abundant of resources where you can reach out to highly motivated people such as on the Youtube or Facebook or LinkedIn. You do not need to know this person face to face. The energy can be disseminated via social media network easily. So use the new technology wisely.

3. Smile, even if it's hard
Recently I'm on my training for 20km Brussels. I find that when the hardest part or when I get tired, I cracked up a smile :D Smiling is like an exercise. When you smile at the hardest point in your day or workout, the easier it becomes when you are in the normal situation. I won't go to the Botox treatment like the article mentioned. But smile should come naturally :-) So, today SMILE.

4. Get your Karaoke on
Singing your worry out! Hahaha I like this... Making up your own song could release whatever clouding your mind. Although I would prefer to sing on karaoke, but sometimes it helps when you just invent the wordings and put it into the tune of some songs. This will take your mind off a bit while you try to hit the keys.

5. Work it out
There is no secret that exercise can release your stress. I owe it to my previous job that I need to release stress, that I just need to go to Body Combat class! With the need to punch and pull someone, I workout more and sweat more! The most important is, make sure that you leave the stress (well battered stress) in the class, and step out as a new stronger person.

6. Put a Warm, Fuzzy Memory on Repeat
This is my favorite one. I think that I've learnt this from The Secret. Each time I am in a moment or event or having the feeling that is so overwhelm and happy, I would mentally push on the record button. I would register the sound, the smell and most important is that tingly feeling or goosebumps. When I am in doubt, down or stress (obviously), I would conjure this memory and project it as a bright light into this cloud that hovering above me. If you follow Harry Potter, I suppose this is the same as the Patronus spell against the Death Eaters.

All these items are part of your habit. You need to exercise doing it, before it all before natural and you can see that they work!

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