Friday, May 11, 2012

Fit Friday

Hey guys! What's up?
Nothing much going on this week other than maximised my workout routine. I've been thinking if I should ditch today's Body Step. I'm still thinking to do some Body Step video though. I love doing that, it's just that I have no time to go to gym on Saturday anymore. I can't tomorrow because I've planned to do so much thing tomorrow around town. I gotta pick up something at the post office, and I would like to get a running cap for my 20km. That would take me the whole morning. Then at 4pm I have hairdresser appointment. Gaahh!!!

Anyway, I think I have finalise my running playlist. Of course, there are lots of NKOTB and BSB songs LOL

I still can't get over those guys yet, especially NKOTB. Huhuhu Soon they will be off from this continent, and that's it! Then, have to wait for another what... 3 to 4 years till I met them again. Oh gosh! It's sux!

I felt powerful on my running. It's great. The first 3km is always hard. But I picked up the tempo after that. I'm so looking forward for this!

Other than that, next week will be a 3-day working day. Woohoo!! I will go to Paris. Didn't plan anything special though. But I'm looking forward to just enjoy the long weekend :D

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