Monday, January 9, 2012

Mellow Monday

Today is the last Monday that I will work in this office. :D
It is not my first time changing job, but still the feels of lost, excited, hopeful and worry are all over me. I know that it is for the best! So I must go for it! And this comes from someone who is in this position for almost 3 years. I cannot imagine how it would be if I am in this position for more than 5 years like most of my current colleagues here. Must be tough eh?

It is always the same countdown:
- This morning will be the last monday morning that I take the route to my work. Next Monday I will be driving to work. For the first time!!!!
- This afternoon is the last Monday lunch that I will have at the usual café. Next Monday lunchtime I would be eating in a caféteria. For the first time!!!!

Ok I only made it to after lunch HAhahaha... But will I have the same freedom to blog from work? Hmm. We will see. I do hope that I get an office by myself. I forgot to glance over when I was there for interview.

As the day goes by, the faces of my current colleagues seems to fade away, and the new bosses and colleagues become more and more realistic. Yeah I had interview with my immediate boss, his boss and a colleague.

Honestly, I don't know what I will be doing exactly and how to workload would be. I just keep reminding myself of the general things that I gathered from my past experience.
- If you don't know, ASK
- If you in doubt, SHOUT
- If you are uncertain, DISCUSS

My problem is that I would like to proof myself that I can do it, that I tend to close myself from colleagues. I will remember to avoid that and be more open when not certain. Not all questions are dumb and you live and learn.

To make things kinda mellow for me. I am not 100% myself.
Five days ago I had a minor surgery at my right big toe. I thought it was a wart, but then the doctor discovered that it is a cyst. So I had this big chunk part of my big toe, and all stitched up.
I hope that there is nothing serious about the cyst and that it was completely removed. I don't mind the pain but it is more painful that I cannot exercise or do my bodystep for more than 2 weeks! Bouhouhou!!!!

Fingers crossed my peeps.

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