Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wonderer Wednesday

Haha I don't know what title I should put today.
There are few things came up on my mind this morning...
Someone here has some heavy fingers. At times I can stand hearing keyboards clicking sound, but when this person starts type, all I can hear is hammer hitting on my head! I can't think, I can't talk when this person is typing. GGgrrrr...
I could think clearer with music in my ears!
I wonder if I did the same. I mean hitting the keyboard like hammer hitting nails thru the wall. But I don't think so. Each time I saw this person's hand leaving the mouse, I cringe. Hahahahaha

Anyway, let's not talk about other people....

What's new with me? This week, suddenly I have the idea to take tennis course. I don't think it's because of Roland Garros that just finished. I don't even watch the matches. I don't know, suddenly I want to take it. I used to take beginner course back in Uni. It was great. The problem is, I could not find anyone else who wanted to play tennis with me. So I didn't play ever since. In addition, as I searched for tennis course, this is one very near where I live! Near, I mean like really 10 minutes walk! Hahahaha They have 15 courts and I didn't even know! LOL

Yesterday I called them and the course will only start in October thru March but they have open the registration. The guy told me to come this Saturday for level test. LOL I would say my level is between -1 and 0 Hahahaha But I'm looking forward for this.

Other than that there is nothing special going on I guess :D Happy Hump Day!

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