Monday, January 23, 2012

Mo mo Monday - What's going on?

Small update on what's going on, that we are in the 4th week of 2012... It has only been 4 weeks? Feels like ages hhhehehe

Anyway, I have started my new job. So this week is my second week. Still in the transition from the 'honeymoon' phase to the 'accepting new job' phase. I got the rush when my boss informed me that he decided already project for me to takeover... huhuhu Today, the assistant showed me how to do some documentations, and so involved indirectly looking at all sorts of projects documentation. I'm so pysched!!!! People are nice, well they usually are. So I'm blessed. The work condition is great and I sensed that my boss is a professional one :D
One fine day I will write more about this new environment.

I got the company car. And yes, I have been driving. It took me about 45 mins door to door, which is not bad. I enjoyed going out at 7am. Although, you know me, I am nervous when driving, but I think I get used to it. I have to remind myself to keep the speed limit, and do things slowly. Fuh fuh fuh....

On 4th January I had a minor surgery. It supposed to be minor minor, but it ended up to be well, minor-major one. I thought I only have blister or wart on my right big toe,but as the doctor removed it, he discovered that it's a cyst. So I got stitches and all that. My first stitches!! huuhuhuhu So I am out from gym since then. GGgrrrr I really need cardio. I think this week I can go back to Body Step. GGaaahhh
Oh and with my new job, as I can't guarantee to be there befoere 6pm, so they are giving away my BS classes to someone else. Booooo!!!

Ok That's all for now. Tomorrow is another day.

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