Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makan-makan Mardi - 80/20 rule

It sucks, but that's the fact. The way of maintaining your weight or desirable weight is 80% via nutrition (or diet, is not so taboo), and 20% of exercise.
Amazingly, both are very hard to do. Even an exercise junkie like me would admit that doing the 20% exercise is hard. As a person who likes food, watching what you eat is even harder.

At the moment, I am at the point of panic, because after 1 year of losing 13 kilos and physically looking great, I started to feel the tinge of increase of weight. I like my success and I want to stay as it is.

Luckily, my journey was a pleasant one. Meaning that I lose weight by keep eating, but not eating ALL that I want to. As I looked in my supply shelves this morning, I suddenly realize that I have been collecting the things that I should not be eating: various chips, various nuts (although this is good, but eating when I'm not suppose to) and various chocolates. I have to put stop on this. But of course, who will be eating those things? I need to eat those things to avoid waste!... This is bad, really bad.

So before I'm losing all my efforts and that it just about to start (the weight gain, I mean), I better act now!

It will be difficult, as I will start new job next Monday and I don't know what they have for lunch, the stress, and the new schedule. But I must do something!

Again, I know it is difficult to maintain, and that is why we have people who are happy to have the extra kilos in them. But not me. I am happy the way I am physically during January 2010, and I won't stop till I get the good 80/20.

In addition, it is good to start living healthy and that is my resolution as well. Just need to remember to not side-track too far! :D
You go girl!!!!

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