Monday, May 14, 2012

Maybe Monday

How media changes for the past years and now I am sitting here while thinking my blog is technologically obselete. I'm talking about how people do blog nowadays and pass the information from one person to the world.

Somehow some smartasses have a phone which can take videos and internet connection at the sametime and put 2 and 2 together, and there you go.. Now you have vlog.
I start to think, who read blogs nowadays. If it's not for some serious article or recipes, no one wants to read 'stories' or information. It's much better you have 'story tellers' or some one who read articles for you.

The disadvantages of blog is that you have to type. Blogger needs to have time to sit and type what's going on in their head. However, I find it's frustrating, because no matter how long your blogpost is, you still could not reach to your readers emotionally.
The good thing about vlog is that there is a kind of rule, it should not be more than 5 minutes. 10 minutes if the story is really interesting. But that's the max and you can only do it occasionally. Then, you can convey your message using your face expression and body language. While in the blog, everything is black & white. No emotion >.<   <-- See here, what do you think my face express? hahahahaha
My point is, vlog reaches out to people in a different level.

Talking about level, you can reach different kind of people. With blog you need to watch what you typed. If you have your own wording or spelling-kind of way (like the texting acronyms) you can only reach certain categories of people. But with vlog, unless you talk gibberish, you do not have to pay much attention on spelling. As long as the words came out right, you get the message passed on to basically anyone.

When I think of it, up until 1998, I have kept journals, diaries.. whatever you call it. I remember that I always write something before go to bed at night. And when I did the International student US trip, I wrote in my travel journal. Hmm.. I don't know where I kept those books now.

Before that, I remember when I was teenager, do you remember Dougie Howser M.D? Yeah he is now Barney Stinson.. Hahaha.. But he wrote his journal on his computer/e-diary. Wow.. and look at me now.. almost 20 years after that, I am like Dougie Howser (NOT) LOL
I tried it once, and save it of a floppy disk. But it doesn't really work that well because floppy is very rare at the house so if it's missing one, one of my family members will notice hahahaha

Then, as a teenager, I have a radio in my room which I could record. Eureka!! So I did it for sometime. Then, my mom would come into my room while I record and asking who am I talking to or was I talking alone. In the 90s, hearing someone talking alone in a room where there is no one else, is like close to that person is a psycho HAHAHAHA So the tape thing didn't work out.

As I mature *cough* I forgot about keeping up journal. But I have a lot of things to talk about. And I find that it's therapeutic to bring out what's in my head >.<

I'm thinking about vlog as it is THE trend now on Youtube. But also pictures are much better than this black and white writeup. However, I do not have phone with video capability yet. So this whole thing have to wait... I guess..

So what will it be? Blog or Vlog?

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