Friday, May 4, 2012

Forever Friday

Last Friday I checked in with the story of NKOTB VIP in Dublin. So today is time for BSB VIP! Oh yeah.... I won't passed up this opportunity. As I said last time I was at their concert, the next one will be with VIP. So NKOTB is done, not it's BSB in Antwerp.

Pysch? Oh so much!! Well, as usual, we didn't know what to expect. Especially the content of the package is different from the one of NKOTB's. We got the BSB Silver VIP package which entitles us for admission to the soundcheck, Q&A session and group photo. Unlike NKOTB VIP, there is no refreshment, goodie bags. Also, there is no email sent by the organizer indicating what time that we have to be there. Looking at the forum, there is info saying we should be there at 3PM/3:30PM.

Anyway, as usual, we had to pickup our vip badge. Then we were told that we could go inside the arena. There we took place at the seating in front of the stage. Then the guys came out. So the guys made some jokes, yada yada yada.. It was entertaining. They sang 2 or 3 songs I suppose. Then, the Q&A session. This 1 girl got the opportunity and came up with a stupid question to Howie D. Something about being in a dream and biscuits.. Whatever... Then a guy asked about the barricade for the photo. FYI, in some VIP photos, the guys are behind the barricade. B Rok tried to answer but of course it's a security thing.. again yada yada yada..

You didn't notice that the time passed by, and then it's time for the photo op. So actually, you get to see the guys up on the stage, joking around, and get to 3 questions.

Then the photo time. We were already in group of 4. We thought that it's just gonna be us 4. But then the security guy 'pushed' us to group with some other girls. Whatever. Then the guys are allowed to shake your hands. I asked for hug from Brian and the security guy jumped on me and said 'No hugging'. Yeah.. whatever... But Nick said 'I like you hair' ***Swooooooonnn**
But then we do not have time to put down our jacket or bags. I was holding my big jacket and bag. As much as I'm dreading to see this photo, I am still excited. I don't think that it will be as good as the NKOTB ones. But then, there is always some other time, right? :D

Oh yeah, from now on, I'm going VIP all the way Baby! LOL I guess once you're in VIP, you are forever stuck in VIP :D

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