Thursday, December 31, 2009

Frazzle Friday

I'll save the opening year post for later.. But now I feel like making a post about musics. Music is a gift. Music can move people, so strong to be able to change people. Music is simple as a messenger. One of my many favorite songs is Thank you for the music.

Year 2009 marked the year that my dream came true to see my all time favorite boyband The New Kids On The Block on stage. It happened in january 2009. I was brought back to when I was 14 years old and so much in love with Danny Wood. I can still feel the concert sensation like it was yesterday. I am happy that the guys have enough faith in the fans that they have the courage to perform together again. It took a lot of guts for late 30's men to perform as boyband. To my 5 NKOTB brothers, I would like to say thank you for the love and I'll be forever your blockhead sister!! :D

Other than that I have been to quite a number of concert this year. one great thing of living in brussels is that there are a lot of international concerts. hhmm let's see: nkotb, il divo, jason mraz, james morrison, and bsb. Yes you can see that i favored male artist :D

Having following the artists, I am grateful that they are also participate in charities for good cause,
opening new way of thinking and approach to better living condition (spiritual, best practices and self help)

As for 2010, i'm looking forward for more concerts in particular, josh groban.

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