Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Karaoke Khamis - Let's (bad) romance

Sorry I know it's still Wednesday, but when I started singing I can't stop LOL

Of course one of 2009 highlights is Lady Gaga. Doesn't matter how freaky she is, she keeps on proving that she is an entertainer. I think I would like to go to her concert one day. She's a mean song writer as well.

I have travelled quite a lot this year considering that the nature of my job is not to travel that much. But for each place I have been to this year, it has always make me discover Lady Gaga's new songs.

So the first is Pokerface. If I were to go to Chicago, this would be the song that I'll discover on MTV in my hotel room. Next is Papparazi, which I discovered on MTV in my hotel room in Vienna.
After that there is Lovegame which I first saw the video on MTV in my room in San Jose, Costa Rica. The latest addition Bad Romance is on MTV in my room in Basel when I was there for a mere 2 days meeting.

Looking back, Lady Gaga has been following my career as much as I'm following hers LOL
OK enough talking...
So this week I chose Lady Gaga latest single Bad romance!!!

Let's enjoy the romance and let's see if you could do the monster twist while singing the part 'oooh oohhh oohhh oohhh'

Hmmm... I'm gonna try with the choreography as well hahahahaha

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