Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Makan-Makan Mardi - Rendezvous

Hiya.. no that's not a name of a signature dish or restaurant. Though would be a nice name tho.
Anyway, I have no recall of what I have been eating, or more like what I stuffed myself with. That's not good. I have always wanted to jot down what I ate and because this is the first step to lose/control the weight. But I never get to pass joting down dinner LOL.

The post that I wanted to share is that, in the next couple of weeks I'm going to stuffed myself even more and sensesly. Why? Because I will be in Malaysia and the main agenda when I am there is makan (eat). Food is the thing that I missed the most when living here in foreignland. Of course I missed my families, but I can't eat them can I? hahaha

I have started to make rdv with friends and families and they all involve food! In the list includes, penangite food, japanese food, johorean food, thai food.. oh the thought of it makes me drools. Of course I will take lotsa pictures of the food I ate (or will eat). My mom told me once that I am like 'jakun' person (what's translation for jakun eh?). Like I never seen food before. hahahaha
I have once being told not to take photo in a restaurant, and I saw some signboard in restaurants in Malaysia and Thailand that forbid photographing the food they served. I wonder how malaysian foodblogger managed to do this.

Nevertheless, I shall try to snap as many photos I could :) hehehe
This is as far as I could go for jotting down what I ate!

So what's your favorite food that you could not simply get around where you live? Is there any food that you ate during your travelling and you have been yearning for since the last time you had it?

Yum yum.. stay tune for next Tuesday then!!!

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