Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Close of 2009

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This is the post that any blogger can't resist. The post on last day of the year, rite? Let's talk about 2009, shall we? I think this will be more about me than any other things that happened in the world. So just bear with me on this post, kay.
I'll do this review in horoscope style. You know, with different categories and stuff.

Here we go...

Love & Relationship 2009 - It has been the most challenging year for my husband and I this year. We have been living separately for exactly 11 months till today! While status 'living separately' makes you gulp,but we managed to get over speculations, rumours and sad-jokes. The eight years are surely overweigh the gruesome eleven months. We were blessed (surely I am). I think this is what made me shout out to the world that my husband and I made an extraordinary couple :D
I am grateful to have him as my husband. I wouldn't trade him for any other things in this world (yes, even if you put expensive jeweleries, handbags, and shoes all combine together LOL).
I am grateful for my famiy and Syl's family who have been supportive in our decisions. Helping us to get by the tricky moments.

Career 2009 - Now this one is interesting. I did tarot card reading in November 2008 in order to help me to choose my career path. haha It's another different story. One thing that I remembered, it said that the career that I've chosen for 2009 would be the one that involves a lot of new knowledge, challenges, that I will be given the chance to give out my ideas. The latter was important to me because I need to exercise new ideas, I felt stuck in the rut doing routine works. It's so true that I think a lot of my energies went to my career this year. I'm happy that lotsa time I have been given the chance and what I asked, believed are those that I received.

Money 2009 - I have collected quite a lot of receipts and bills this year. Living as a single sucks! The fact that I'm living alone in Brussels for more that we have expected, made me dig deep inside my bank accounts. On top of that, there is going back to Nancy over the weekend expenditure, left me no choice. However, thinking back, I do not know how I could make things better. What I have now and managed my income and expenses are at the most optimal. I have zero credit, which I am proud of. At this time I am blessed to have a husband who keeps reminds me to save for rainy days and to not spend money when you don't have it. By nature I am both big spender and big saver. So I think it balances things a bit.

Social 2009 - New place, new work, new social cirle, of course. I am so blessed to make a lot of friends this year. I'm grateful to have these people who open up to me and accept me into their circles, homes and lives. With this, I extend my gratitudes, my hugs, my laughters and my hopes to all my friends who have been there for me. I could not survive the 'Love 2009', 'Career 2009' and 'Money 2009' without my dear friends. Then, social networking tool like Facebook is a great way to express my gratitude and be socially prosperous this year. At this time, I have a total of 222 friends on my Facebook. Of course I did not interact with all 222 people; but just you know, if you are in this 222 number, then I acknowledge your existance in my list :D

Health 2009 - Urrggh swine flu phenomenon... tell me about it. I have a lot of luck on health this year, considering the travels I did from Central America to Asia. Thank god! There are some colds here and there, but that are expected I suppose. It takes sickness to be healthy, rite?

All in all it has been a challenging year for me. Nevertheless, after long hard year, I'm looking forward for a meaningful and satisfied closure of 2009. Thanks 2009!

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